ANPR - Auto Number Plate Recognition.

Typical price per lane/camera

Just shopping around? Our engine is based on OpenCV and our price is R2500 per lane for a solution similar to that described in our demo page. If your project involves a great many cameras/lanes the price can come way-way down. Experience has shown that most of our customers require a bespoke solution, and we are frequently required to integrate existing hardware i.e. cameras, security systems and access control systems etc. We quote for such a solution.

Dealers and resellers are very welcome.

Simply regard our software as a component that you markup and resell. Are you a: CCTV specialist, security company, computer hardware supplier, corporate IT department, 3rd party software developer and integrator? - include our products with your software or hardware i.e. cameras, computers, booms, gates, barriers, weigh bridges and network infrastructure etc. We assist resellers with projects large and small. Keep your customers happy with a one-stop solution. If you have not installed ANPR before don't worry, it is easy. We will help you to get started. 

Talk to us for the best priced solutions, we will consult with you regarding your requirements and produce solutions fitted to your customers needs. We have ready to go packages as well as neural analytic classifier engines and video content analysis building blocks for rapid customisation. We also interface biometric technology for access control and time and attendance. We integrate video sources to hardware and software and other third party products to create turnkey solutions.

Specialised software development in the following categories:

  • Number plate recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Time and Attendance
  • Access Control
  • SMS integration
  • RFID solutions
  • Bespoke

Auto Number Plate Recognition - ANPR is used in many practical ways. Number plate text detected in images is simply just data to a computer. Data can be applied to computer logic to perform various tasks. For example to compare against lists of known plates and raise a boom, open a barrier, sound an alarm, send a notification, SMS or just to record the text, date, time, location and images for later viewing and reporting ... read more about usage and applications

Chrome Software - the ANPR company
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Plate Recognition has various names:
ALPR automatic licence plate recognition
ANPR automatic number plate recognition
LPR license plate recognition
NPR number plate recognition
CPR car plate recognition
AVI auto vehicle identification

We also do:
Hotel Management Systems
Online reservation systems
SMS desktop solution
SMS integration
3rd party integration
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Chrome Software the ANPR company. South Africa.
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basic ANPR in action - how ANPR works
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Our ANPR engine is based on OpenCV
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